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“Morty Schiller is one of the nation’s top mail order copywriters.”
Robert W. Bly in ADS THAT SELL: How to Create Advertising That Gets Results

“No question. Morty’s work is at the pinnacle.”
Sig Rosenblum, veteran direct marketing copywriter and creative consultant

“Morty Schiller is an awesome direct mail copywriter -- old school, back when you had to pull three percent or hang up your pencil.... Morty is a copywriter extraordinaire... a blend of old-school copywriter and new school blogger.... The world needs writers like Morty Schiller-- truly it does!”
Steve O’Keefe, Author of Complete Guide to Internet Publicity. VP, International Association of Online Communicators

“When it comes to ‘killer’ copywriting, Morty Schiller has that extra edge. His writing draws the reader in, rivets him to the end... and then the sale. If you are serious about getting sales, I strongly recommend Morty Schiller.”
David LeVine, Warm Wisdom Press

“Morty is the finest Public Relations agent I have the honor of knowing.”
Robert Avrech, Screenwriter, Producer/Author, Publisher

“Schiller is the only one I can depend on to consistently come up with winning packages!”
Morty Williams, Direct Marketing Enterprises, Ltd.

“Beguilingly clever! Morty knows how to press all the prospect’s buttons.”
Bob Gaines, Bob Gaines Creative Services

Morty Schiller’s brand comes across as someone who is competent. And passionate about what he does. And credible. And if I had something that could benefit from a direct mail strategy, I would be compelled to talk with Morty.
Jason Alba, JibberJobber Blog

“You quickly got a good understanding of my products and the marketplace. And that shows in my sales.”
Howard Schulman, ABC Display and Supply, Inc.

“Your copy is a masterpiece--alone in it’s class!”
Malka Aronson, Goldmark Group, Inc.

“Your article about my company was a wonderful breath of “fresh air.” Thanks for immediately capturing the essence of my niche.
Glenn Fox, LIPSCO, Ltd.

“Hiring Morty Schiller is using a secret weapon. It somehow doesn’t seem fair!”
Gary Wurtzel, Digital Production Solutions, Inc.



If you have a mailbox, you’ve seen my work! I’ve made millions for clients with killer copy. I can do the same for you. Put a winning track record to work for you. My “battle” training came from the muddy trenches of “succeed or else” mail order campaigns. In print or online, let my talents  become your “secret weapon”—reaching out from the page into the reader’s mind, heart... and wallet.



… Like how I helped a industrial high-tech company smile by delivering humor plus product benefits in a viral video campaign.

... Or how I created 13 years of winning controls as the “star” copywriter of a major New York direct marketing firm.

… Or how I got a start-up publisher international coverage on a shoestring through online PR, viral marketing and optimized blogging.

… Or how I saved a failing business with a single sweepstakes direct mail package that pulled over 8% response!

… Or how I revamped a lackluster business-to-business catalog and increased sales by 17%!



… Made it into the advertising history books with a single mail-order ad that brought a dead product back to life and sold out the entire inventory!

… Gave rival groups a fit when I maneuvered the press relations for a lead profile article in the New York Times Magazine so as to effectively outflank other organizations. They didn’t even get mentioned!

… And much, much more.



Director, Marketing Communications, CYBRA Corporation, Yonkers, NY 2007-Present

Co-Host and Blogmaster, "This Week on IAOCblog"—International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC), 2005-2007

Consulting Marketing & Publicity Director—Yashar Books, Brooklyn, NY 2004-Present

Marketing Associate—, Brooklyn, NY 2006-2007

Copywriter/Consultant—Copywriting, marketing and PR consulting  2000-Present

Copywriter/Marketing Manager—Tactica International/IGIAֱ New York, NY 2003-2004

Senior Copywriter—Direct Marketing Enterprises, Westbury, NY 1987-2000

Owner/Operator—Schiller Direct Response, New York, NY 1985-1987

Director, PR & Publications—Orthodox Union, New York, NY    1984-1985



Contributing Editor, Columnist, Contributor —Creative Forum-Direct Marketing Creative Guild, Catalog Marketer, DM News, Direct Marketing, Target Marketing, The Learning Annex, The Jewish Observer

Editor—Jewish Action

Managing Editor—Shma Yisrael Magazine

Books—Jerusalem Echoes, Jerusalem Echoes Almanac

Lecturer—"Blog PR " — PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Association - University

Strategic Marketing of Seminars and Conferences — The Marketing Federation


BA, Sociology    Queens College, Flushing, NY 1970


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